Vision -

  • To endeavour to make Osmanabad and Marathwada region of Maharashtra free from the impact of drought and to give people a better quality life through economic independence, education, healthcare facilities.

Mission -

  • To plan and implement measures for water conservation, sufficient water supply, education, healthcare and alternative means of livelihood for the people of Marathwada.

It was with the intention to alleviate these problems that Dr. Padmasingh Patil laid the cornerstone of the Trust and aimed at bringing about positive change in the lives of the drought afflicted populace of Osmanabad.

Under the aegis of the Trust, Terna Janseva Kendra became the platform for a plethora of social initiatives for drought relief and rehabilitation. The leadership and volunteers of Terna Janseva Kendra work at individual and systemic level to find long term solutions to the drought situation. This includes everything from providing drinking water supply to fulfill immediate need, to long term water conservation measures, and from preventive healthcare to education of children of the affected families.

Through intensive and extensive efforts, TJK has covered considerable ground so far. However hundreds of more hands and generous hearts need to pitch in for a wider outreach. Terna Charitable Trust appeals to you, to familiarize yourself with everything that we are doing, and to help our fellow human beings to live – with dignity.